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Title: Songs they have sung for a thousand years
Author: [personal profile] bironic
Characters: John, Ronon, Teyla, Rodney, OCs
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,100
Summary: Kopha-na and kopha-da: supporter and supported. The team joins an offworld performance one evening.
A/N: This story was born of picturing Sheppard as the lead dancer on a Greek TV segment, looking awkward yet slinky. Accordingly, I have stolen without shame from Greek folk dancing. Originally intended for the AMTDI challenge (aliens make them dance!) and now… very late for Amnesty 2010.


"In honor of our negotiations, tonight we will dance the balga." Kappas pointed to the growing group of men John had been watching; they were leaning on one another now to stretch. "The balga comes down to us through many generations, from a time when the Wraith lay dormant and our arts flourished. It celebrates those who have, and do, and will, fight against our oppressors. It is a dance of warriors and of brothers."

"Sounds great," John said. He wondered if there were more maybe-yak skewers.

Kappas stepped back and made a formal bow. "Colonel Sheppard of Atlantis. Specialist Dex of Sateda. As representatives of your people, we wish you to join us in the performance."

Read the story at my LJ or on the AO3.
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Title: Ten Tiny Tales Redux
Author: [personal profile] gozer
Challenge: Amnesty 2010, Gods and Monsters
Characters: All of them.
Rating: Depends on how you feel about the discussion of religion. No sex, no violence. Couple of swear words.
Genre: Gen... "thinky" gen.
Tags: amnesty 2010, author: gozer, challenge: gods and monsters

Notes: A follow up to Ten Tiny Tales, though you don’t really have to read it to understand this one. Basically, an info-dump of plot bunnies, snippets, and vague ideas I’ve had over the past 15 years or so of watching Stargate. These are a few of the more sacrilegious ones, just in time for Christmas! \o/ Happy holidays, everyone!

Summary: O Come, All Ye Faithful.

Ten Tiny Tales Redux )
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Dear sga_flashficcers: I'm sorry that I've been such a bad mod lately; I have been thinking about what to do with this community in the future, and might put up a poll soon reflecting various options, so stay tuned. (Suggestions are also welcome if someone has any great ideas of what we could do with this space, or if people think maybe it's time to let go.)

But in the immediate future: it is AMNESTY TIME. You can write on ANY CHALLENGE we have ever had; there is a complete list in the tags. Get that Harlequin out of your system! Folklore! Skirts! Culture clash. So many great challenges, so little--okay, actually there's time. But you get my drift!

Please be sure to tag entries with the relevant tag as well as Amnesty 2010!
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Apologies, everyone, for being a semi-absentee mod: it was a long hot crazy busy summer. Anyway, the Fork In The Road challenge is now closed; all the entries are on the LJ side of this comm, so use the Fork In The Road tag over there.

For our next challenge; so Joe Flanigan got a Twitter account. And he posted the following:
# Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?

# A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter
Folks have already been writing stories on this theme (HAI SHEAFROTHERDON!) and we think more people should!

So the challenge is to write a story that features these elements somewhere--but feel free to be creative with the how, why, and where. Bonus points for including Teyla!

Also, because it would be nice to have these all in one place, we're suspending our normal ban on previously-posted stories for this challenge: if you wrote a story in response to J.Flan's twitter scenario, please do cross post it to sga_flashfic!

This challenge will run till at least September 19th.
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There, a whole load of secrets posted, and I confess I self-indulgently left the challenge open until I could post mine, so, er, mod's privilege? And just to consolidate all my modly abuse of power into one post--I promise not to do this for another five years :)--I want to propose a "Fork In The Road Challenge", inspired by all my friends in SPN who are frantically fixing things.

So fix something that's always bugged you about SGA: correct a specific error, make something right that to your mind, went wrong, in a particular episode. Change the father of Teyla's baby; change their relationship with Michael or Todd; stop Carson from getting killed; keep Sam in charge of Atlantis; for God's sake, put Atlantis back where it belongs--big or small, pick a specific moment in canon and fork off from it. So it's like an AU challenge but more specific, if you follow.

It's May 17; we'll give this at least a month, to June 17th or thereafter.
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School's out! You can read the 7 Continuing Education Challenge entries here and here.

Meanwhile, last fall [personal profile] scarlet_gryphon asked for a Post Secret Redux challenge, and you know what? The SGA Post Secret community at LJ is still open for business, and we hereby announce the companion community at Dreamwidth: [community profile] sga_post_secret.

If you remember, the original challenge was proposed by the awesome [personal profile] helenish, who said:

If there isn't an SGA Post Secret Challenge, there should be, just because I think, especially Sheppard is all about super dramatic secrets like "I keep letting women fuck me because I don't know how to say no." and "I've tried to kill myself sixteen times and it never works." and "I've never had good sex." and "Everyone else worries about the people they left behind, but I can barely even remember their names." and all of Rodney's would be like "I'm worried I won't win a Nobel Prize until I'm too old to care." and "No one believes me when I say I can't do things. I'm starting not to believe it myself." and Teyla's would all be "All my coworkers secretly want to fuck me." and "I hate my job but the stars say it's my destiny." and Ronon's would be all "I'm a wraith spy."

Okay, not really. His would probably be all "I don't say much because it helps me get laid more often."

The rules for this challenge are as follows:

* Post Secret PICS/IMAGES are to be posted to one of the sga_post_secret communities, not to the sga_flashfic community. (That way, people can choose to see all the images, the fiction, or both.)

* However, you may also write Post Secret FICTION and this FICTION should be posted to sga_flashfic as usual. If the fiction is the companion piece to a Post Secret image, you should provide a link to the image on sga_post_secret.

* MOREOVER, you are allowed--nay, encouraged!--to use other people's secrets as PROMPTS to inspire your flashfiction. If you write fiction based on someone else's Post Secret, you should credit them and provide a link to the secret with your story (which, like all fiction, should be posted to sga_flashfic)

* Last, but not least, if you do not want anyone writing fiction about your secret, please add "No fic please" to your entry on the sga_post_secret community.

Clear as mud? Any questions, I'll keep my eyes on comments!

Today is February 23; we'll give this one a month and close on March 23. HAVE FUN!!!
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Many thanks to [ profile] sihayab for beta!

Adult Ed
2321 words

Oh. That's right. He slept in the lab because John decided he'd rather watch porn by himself than have actual sex.

Rodney's in a good mood... )
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We've opened all five gifts in the gift challenge: thank you all so much!

Now [personal profile] elementalv suggests a really awesome prompt: a "continuing education" challenge: "Not just Rodney forcing John at gunpoint to get a Ph.D, but maybe Radek having to learn how to negotiate or Ronon being required to learn the Pegasus version of ballroom dancing or Teyla studying to become Atlantis's sysadmin because Rodney doesn't want to deal with it anymore."

Edu-macate someone today! It's January 16th; this challenge will stay open until February 16th at midnight.
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Finally closing the Aliens-Made-Them-Do-It challenge; you can read the responses here and here.

New challenge: [personal profile] linziday suggested that, since its the start of the holiday season, we do a gift giving challenge: "team gifts, good gifts from outsiders, bad gifts from the Ancients, gifts of life or love... so many gift possibilities!" (Not to mention The Gift!)

Today's November 26; this challenge will not close before December 15 at midnight.
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1,700 words - Gen - contains some profanity and mature themes - mentions cannon pairings, and the discerning eye may notice some UST here and there.

Ronon has to participate in an Alien ritual, but he's got other things on his mind.

right this way for the ritual... )

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Very very belatedly closing the In Memoriam challenge, which (wow) you might want to check out if you didn't see it, because there was some gorgeous writing on display. You can find the 12 stories here and here, using the challenge tags, or in the community memories.

And now--at [personal profile] kriadydragon's request--an Aliens Made Them Do It challenge. She was surprised we hadn't done one before, but it looks like we haven't! However, she suggests that we think outside the box in terms of "it": Aliens make the team dress up as clowns and scare Sheppard just for laughs (or as lemons to scare McKay). Aliens make Ronon write romantic poetry. Aliens make Rodney babysit. Aliens make Teyla babysit Rodney. The possibilities are endless :D"

Make them do it! Today is October 12; your humble mod will be busy toward the end of this month, so we'll give this one a full month. Challenge will run until Nov 12, 2009 at midnight eastern.
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Remembering The 19th
Author: Quin Firefrorefiddle
Rating:: G
Pairing: gen
Warnings: none in particular
Challenge: In Memoriam
Summary: The people of Atlantis know it is not only science that got them to the Pegasus galaxy.  It is the determination of those who have gone before.
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The H/C Challenge is over (you can read the 15 challenge responses here or using the h/c challenge tag).

An anonymous commenter has suggested that we follow up with an In Memoriam challenge:

"The other day I was thinking about how terribly sad it was that no one ever mentions Peter Grodin anymore. This got me thinking about Abrams and Gaul, Aiden, Kate, and Elizabeth. So, how about an In Memoriam challenge? Visiting with families, or AUs where lost characters never left, or fics where there's a little quiet remembrance of past characters?"

Feel free to interpret the challenge broadly: there's a lot of mental mileage in memory, remembering, In Memoriam ("It is better to have love and lost...") etc.

Today's September 1; the challenge will stay open until at least Sept 18, 2009.
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First of all, this is your official notification of the closing of the Inhuman Intelligence Challenge: you can find the 3 stories and 1 vid here and here.

But NOW--we've had any number of calls for an old skool, classic hurt/comfort challenge; Sholio's (aka [personal profile] sholio's) was just the latest. Break them and make them better, people.

It's August 6th; stories will be due no earlier than August 20th, 2009.
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Yay! I get to sneak this one in under the wire! Many many thanks to [ profile] bironic and [ profile] renenet for beta & encouragement.

Title: Barlyk River
Music by Huun Huur Tu

Learning to communicate.

download: 26.6mb divx (please right-click & save)

or stream: at BAM or at
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Turns out a picture was worth just about a thousand words: you can read the 4 challenge responses here and here. (But never fear: we are in challenge season, competing with the SGA big bang and McShep Match and kink_bingo and cliche_bingo etc. etc., so we'll just keep beating on against the current, etc.)

[personal profile] malnpudl dropped us a line noting that, "I was just reading a fascinating article. New research opens a window on the minds of plants about how plants appear to respond to their environment in ways that meet many definitions of intelligence.

This looks like inspiration for SGA fic to me. The show's budget limited it mostly to humanoid "alien" species, but fic lifts that limitation. How about an "inhuman intelligence" challenge in which the SGA folks encounter or explore life forms that are entirely unlike us, whether animal, vegetable, mineral, or something even stranger?" (Icon only a suggestion, but whales FTW!)

So how about it? Stretch your worldbuilding imagination and discover intelligent life of a different kind. Today's the fourth of July; I'll probably leave this challenge open a bit longer considering its challenge season, but we certainly will not close before July 25, 2009.
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Title: Best of Breed (A Picture's Worth 1000 Words Challenge)
Author: [personal profile] slybrarian
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Words: 230 + a doggy picture
Series: Discontinuity
Notes: Character blatantly lifted from [community profile] clan_mitchell
Summary: In which Cam shows off his new pets.

Warning: Image Below )
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I think I'm finally coping well enough to close the Coping Mechanism Challenge. You can read 13 stories: 10 on Livejournal and 3 on Dreamwidth.

New challenge (to minimize cross-posting) RIGHT HERE:

Prrreesenting: the A Picture's Worth 1000 Words Challenge

[personal profile] enviropony asked for a Picture challenge: Give words to a picture, whether it's a screen cap from SGA, or an image of something totally unrelated. Describe an image that a character has, or creates, or sees in someone else's possession. Attach a story to the pictures in Rodney's quarters, or the painting Ronon took from Sateda, or tell us what Lorne did with the one he was working on during "Sunday."

To be clear, this is not an art challenge: all submissions should feature words, but you can submit words PLUS a picture (screencaps, art, etc) or words ABOUT a picture (meaning a story about an image, a photograph, a painting.) You don't have to give us a thousand words, but all entries must feature some words.

Today's June 3rd; this challenge will run until at least June 17th at midnight.
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Title: Cover Stories
Author: Nora Charles
Rating: suitable for all audiences
Summary: Ronon and Amelia are living together in San Francisco while Stargate Command uses Atlantis as a training facility. Nothing has been declassified, and they can't tell anyone the whole truth about themselves.
Pairing: Ronon/Amelia

Word count: 1430 (oops)
Thank you [personal profile] nicci_mac for audiencing! You're a sweetie, and an inspiration.

Click here to read Cover Stories )


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