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The Not-Human challenge is over; we've loved them so hard, they've all become real boys and girls. You can read the 31 challenge entries here or using the Not Human challenge tag.

New challenge coming right up.
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TITLE: Taken And Possessing
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: John swore to himself it would never happen again.
PAIRING: Bug!John/Teyla

Taken And Possessing )
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title: To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow
Author: [ profile] lanna_kitty
Rating: Pg-13
Characters: Peter Grodin, Elizabeth Weir
word count: 842
Summary: The life of a vampire is neither easy nor brief
warning: Vampires attending a funeral
Author's note: Once again, part of the AU that's been running around in my head. This scene takes place in the same universe as the one I previously posted for this challenge, lone wolf. All you need to know is that Peter Grodin and Elizabeth Weir are vampires. Apologies to William.

She made an ominous image, the woman on the rooftop )
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Title: Nanny
Author: [ profile] slybrarian
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 1063
Summary: The children of the rich or powerful had always been targets, even in child-loving Pegasus, and the Lanteans were both rich and powerful beyond imagination.
Author's notes: Very minor spoilers for 4x11 "Be All My Sins Remembered."

It was a pity the nanny was so attractive. )
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-title- The Sun Shines Bright On Every Stone
-author- Sophonisba ([ profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- AU, AU, AU: a Zophonisbeion tag to a story I wrote some time ago. Gen with inferences. Some oddities with language as artifacts of the translation process. There is some mild crossoveriness, but most of it isn't really very intrusive.
-timeframe- It would sort of be near the middle of third year.
-spoilers- Through second season.
-characters- AR-1, Miko, Eldon, and a few guest appearances.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor is the rest of the Stargate franchise, for that matter. Nor are the various videogames referenced. Mail-Order Wings is by Beatrice Gormley, and I used to have an unholy love for it and for Best Friend Insurance. "Semloh" is out of Eve Titus's Basil and the Pygmy Cats, which book also features some prime examples of "should not be allowed to name anything, ever." And, of course, the other guest stars aren't mine either.
-word count- 4148
-summary- After a life-threatening mission, or a long slog of work, there's not much that's better than going to the beach with your family.

To date, I am incapable of writing a beach story that doesn't meander. )
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TITLE: Augment
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: With her son beneath her heart, and the city around her, Teyla is not alone.
SPOILERS: 4.12 - Spoils Of War

Augment )
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Title: Love Among the Inanimate
Category: slash/ h/c / humor/ crack
Word Count: ~6,700
Characters: John and Rodney
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None that I can think of any consequence.
A/N:  I don't write crack.  I don't, and yet... sigh.  I have no explanation for where this came from.  Thanks, as always, to Koschka for the quick beta.
Summary: Three things John and Rodney never were, but could have been.

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TITLE: Living With It
SUMMARY: John has the choice to use what he has or live with what he is.
CATEGORY: AU, crackerrific, gen
CHARACTERS: Sheppard, O'Neill, Carter
NOTES: My mental description for this AU is 'Marvel Atlantis'. Maybe this should have gone with the 'Sekrit Superpower' challenge, but I think that John going Bug!ly can count as him being 'not human'.

Living With It )
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Title: Lone Wolf
Author: [ profile] lanna_kitty
Pairing: none
Character: Ronon Dex
Rating: PG
wordcount: 1087
Warnings: AU. uhm Werewolves?
Spoilers: none
Notes: This wouldnt let me go until I wrote it down somehow. This is part of a partially written AU steampunk universe where there are Werewolves, Vampires and Mad Science. All you need to know is that Ronon is a werewolf.

He ran to remember. He ran to forget.' )
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Title: Souljacker
Vidder: [ profile] saeva
Characters: John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan, various Wraith
Summary: Sometimes John and Teyla aren't quite human.
Warnings: Contains footage through 412 Spoils of War.
Technical Specs: Approximately 8MB in size and 59s in length.

Download: MegaUpload
Stream: Imeem

Permanent link coming soon.

Imeem embedded underneath the cut )

Comments are, as always, appreciated.
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Title: List Keeper
Word Count: ~1300
Author: [ profile] gothphyle
Pairing: none, but implied McShep
Rating: G
Summary: Soon, Kavanaugh knew, McKay's hubris would stoke the blaze awaiting them all. He just had to be patient.

Author's Notes: Special thanks to [ profile] therentgirls2 for all her help in turning this into something read-able! This story written (and long overdue!) for [ profile] snazana, and part of [ profile] barely_bean's wonderful A Wish For Wings universe.

Read the story here )
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Title: How John and Rodney Got Married and Inherited a Trumpet (and Other Details of Life in Pegasus)
Author: [ profile] springwoof
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG/Teen
Wordcount: 2000
Warnings: Omniscient narrator. And…um…is "crack" a warning?
Spoilers: An AU diverging sometime after Season 2's "Michael"
Betae: Thanks to [ profile] brindel and especially to [ profile] tesserae_, who held my hand, reassured me that it was funny, and made this a much better story.
Note: Dedicated to [ profile] tardis80. This is what happened to your long-ago-requested "snugglefic," dear. ::shrugs:: Apparently, this is as close as I can come to "cute."
Summary: McKay's shrill insistence that he was *not a clone* for goodness sakes, and he was not going to *high school* again, no matter what they'd managed to talk O'Neill's clone into doing— fell on deaf ears. )
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Title: Mutant Hater 2/2
Author: [ profile] jennytork
Rating: PG
Characters: Predominately Rodney and John and the bad guy
Notes: Not Human challenge; sequel to McKay's Big Secret . Also, this is "The Flashfic That Would Not End" -- it grew so large it needs two parts to post. Stupid chatty muse...
Summary: News of Rodney's ability spreads to the wrong person.

Part Two )
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Title: Mutant Hater 1/2
Author: [ profile] jennytork
Rating: PG
Characters: Predominately Rodney and John and the bad guy
Notes: Not Human challenge; sequel to McKay's Big Secret . Also, this is "The Flashfic That Would Not End" -- it grew so large it needs two parts to post. Stupid chatty muse...
Summary: News of Rodney's ability spreads to the wrong person.

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Title: When Logic Invades The Subconscious
Author: [ profile] eliyes
Characters: McKay, various others mentioned.
Notes: Not Human challenge; SPOILERS for SGA 4x12 "Spoils of War". We're talking major spoilers in the first four sentences here, people.
Summary: Rodney's prediction comes true, in a way even more unpleasant than he'd anticipated.

Read more... )
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[personal profile] xparrot did the Pern thing and my resistance to doing a Valdemar thing finally collapsed in a heap.

Many thanks to [personal profile] zellieh for her lightning fast beta!

author: seekergeek
genre: SGA/Valdemar crossover  (SGA characters)
wordcount: 1887



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Title: Supply Run (1,474 words)
Author: [ profile] xparrot
Rating: PG
Characters: Team Sheppard
Notes: Not Human challenge; also might need a warning, though I'm hesitant to say for what. Crack?
Summary: A trading mission goes south for the team.

They stepped through the Stargate into a bright summer morning. )
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Title: Empty Inside
Author: [profile] soapbox_solo38    
Rating: G
Characters: Repli!Keller, Repli!Team
Summary: The machine creating the flesh-and-blood; was this irony?

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Title: Alpha
Author: perspi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2600
Characters: Sheppard and McKay
Summary:  "Why wouldn't I be tense? We got ourselves captured, again, and tossed into a hole in the goddamn ground and we've got all night in here."
Relates to Episodes: Nope
Disclaimer: Me, I own nothing.
Notes: Thanks as always to my lovely First Readers, especially [personal profile] bironic for the detailed comments and questions, and [personal profile] nightdog_barks for the prodding.

Comments and concrit always welcome.

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Title: Attacked
Genre: AU, Crack
Rating: PG to PG-13
Synopsis: A simple supply mission gone wrong.
Warning: Character death, but this is crack, so take it as you wish.
Author’s Note: Written for the not human challenge. I'm sorry.
Disclaimer: Not mine, the Atlantis universe belongs to people with far more money than me. I’m just borrowing them to play and making no profit from this.

Attacked )

Sorry. This is where my mind was today. I’d ask for feedback, but I think I’m afraid.


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