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The Second Chances challenge is over; no, really, there's no second chance. You can read the 31 challenge entries here or using the second chances tag.

New challenge coming right up.
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-title- Sequiviews
-author- Sophonisba ([ profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Crack. Implied crossoverness. Metafictuality. Did I mention crack?
-timeframe- Fourth season sometime.
-spoilers- Beginning of the fourth season, I suppose; "The Tao of Rodney"; El-Hazard OAV episode 5, if anyone particularly cares about that.
-characters- Carter, AR-1, Radek Zelenka, Cadman, Miko, Simpson, Corrigan
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor are any of the other shows very very obviously referenced herein. (If anyone makes the one music video, though, let me see it?)
-word count- 1406
-summary- "It's an interreality VCD exchange," Dr. Corrigan began.

Well, they so WOULD. )
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-title- Second String; or, Loyauté me lie: a unified field theory of sheppard
-author- Sophonisba ([ profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Mostly gen in plotline, with background het. Mentions of slash. Background crossoveriness. Strong language.
-timeframe- Late fourth season.
-spoilers- Up through "Outcast."
-characters- Sheppards original (in both senses of the word) and borrowed, various cameos.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine, but belongs to MGM. So do some of the other works referenced herein. I am not sure of the current owners of the others, but can name among their various creators L. Frank Baum, Walt Disney, Bob Kane, Ian Fleming, Manly Wade Wellman, Jim Henson, George Lucas, Glen Larson, Don Bellisario, and William Goldman. Other such works include Doctor Who, MacGyver, and He-Man. The "Would Tegan Kick My Ass?" test was inspired by WKKMA. Leslie Fish's song "Hope Eyrie" is quoted from, although my mental image was more of the Julia Ecklar cover.
-word count- 9365
-summary- The first time Dave heard of his brother was well before he ever met him.

Second String )
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Title: In Your Absence (I Lose Myself)
Author: [profile] soapbox_solo38
Summary: Where do we draw the limits? (I need you.) And will you still be the same? (I need you.)

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Title: You Don't Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression (But If You're Going To Do Something, You Might As Well Keep At It Until You Do It Right)

Author: Sian1359

For the SGA FlashFic Second Verse Challenge

Pairing: McShep pre-slash
Category: AU; Action/Adventure
Rating: PG-13 for adult situations and implied violence
Word Count: ~16,000

Disclaimer: Not Mine

Spoilers: I've used/abused canon details about families for some of the characters.

Warnings: None

Notes: Texans, please note that Rodney's impressions are his own. I know nothing about the Nobel selection process or the FBI other than what I could find on line. Also, my last trip into the tunnels under Houston's downtown district was thirty years ago, so many liberties are sure to have been taken. Finally, as I've placed this story some ten years ago, certain information may be slightly modernized as it is difficult to find outdated news articles, reviews and general information since the web is all about what's happening now.

Not betaed; maybe if I stop writing 'flashfic' I'd have time to request a full, proper edit. I'm sure there are typos; hopefully there aren't too many egregious mistakes, although I did change locations a couple of times and had to go back and find all the fixes -- I certainly could have missed one. Feel free to send in corrections.

Summary: Rodney is not the only one to find out he's on the 1996 Nobel short list

Second Chance )
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Fic: What Could Have Been
Author: Gemmi999
Word Count: 300 exactly
Rating: PG-13 (strong language)
A/N: Thanks to my sister for the beta!
Summary: Sometimes, John stares at the evening sky and wonders about what could have been. All three are set in the same universe.

McKay )

John )

Teyla )
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Title: Second Chances
Author: [ profile] ellex42
An alternate version of the beginning scene of 4x19 "The Kindred, part 2" - therefore, SPOILER ALERT!
Word count: 618
Rated: PG, no pairing
A/N: Spell-checked but not beta'd. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

OMG, I actually managed to write something! Hooray!

I will not sully the memory of my friend by accepting a replacement. No matter how tempting that might be. )
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Title: Recommended Stress Relief
Author: [ profile] slybrarian
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard/Lorne
Words: 4,538
Series: Dramatic Exit
Author's notes: Beta by [ profile] archae_ology and [ profile] scifinut. So, uh, yeah. I seem to have written a third response to this challenge. Follows up on two previous flashfic entries that people thought I should do more with, Still Alive! and Mild Inconvenience. So it's totally legal... please don't kill me.
Summary: In which the city, being ever-helpful, decides that Doctor McKay needs some stress relief.

Hmmm. This calls for more than just cake, I think. )
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Title: 'Til Tuesday
Author: [ profile] kassrachel
Rating: adult. definitely.
Word count: 3370
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] sihayab for beta-reading and helpful suggestions! And to [ profile] cesperanza for keeping the challenge open a few extra hours...

Til Tuesday )
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Title: The Spirit of Tradition
Author: [personal profile] greyias 
Word Count: 2800
Rating: PG-13, gen
Characters: Rodney, Ronon, John.
Spoilers: All the way up to "Kindred, Part II"
Summary: The best way to chase away ghosts was to use a generous amount of spirits.
Notes: Not my first fic, but definitely my first flashfic.

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Title: Games of Chance (~12,000 words)
Author: [ profile] xparrot
Characters: Rodney, Sheppard, Team, etc.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Season 4 cast/spoilers (post-BAMSR, pre-The Kindred)
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] gnine for ironing out key plot wrinkles, and [ profile] naye for beta/cheerleading far above and beyond the call of duty.
I am not an astrophysicist, nor do I play one on TV. I do, however, delight in tormenting them, in more ways than one, so I humbly implore any physicists in the audience to give my technobabble the same pass that you would the show.

Summary: Sheppard's got one chance, and Rodney is going to find it, no matter what.

Even though he knows that if he's opening the box, the cat's probably dead. )

part 2
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Title: Stacking the Odds
Author: [ profile] naye
Characters: Rodney, mostly
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~1800
Notes: Gen, no warnings, no spoilers beyond the pilot, time-wise. Thanks to [ profile] xparrot for the beautiful beta, and [ profile] shayera for being an excellent extra set of eyes!

Summary: There are 1,168,675,200 possible addresses in the Atlantis gate.

'I'm me. You. From the future.' )
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title: there is no mystery left
author: [ profile] _kiden
pairing: mckay/sheppard
words: 1,376
rating: R - lets go with mature, for the sexual talking over breakfast
summary: "The truth is no matter how much you know that after a few weeks the joke is going to get old, the first few days of being stuck in a time loop are hilarious."
notes: crack that turned into angst that turned into fluff

It was kind of funny, at first. )
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Title: Checking In 
Author: LinziDay
Rating: G
Characters: Rodney, Carson 
Spoilers: The Kindred, Part II
Notes: Not my first fic, but my first posting here. If I've made a mistake, please let me know.

Summary: McKay checked the monitor every day. 


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 Title: O, How Bitter a Thing
Author: greenconverses
Pairing: John/Teyla
Rating: R
Spoilers: All of Season Four up to Be All My Sins Remember'd
Word Count: 2,669
Notes: This was originally going to go as far as Outcast but I didn't have the time to finish it all. Stupid school, interrupting my flashfic time.
Summary: If the father of Teyla's baby had been from Atlantis...


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Title: Righteous Echo
Author: Vain_Glorious
Rating/pairing: PG, gen
Characters: Ronon, Team
Word count: 112
Summary: The events of the episode 'Sateda'.


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 Title: reset
Author: [profile] teh_bug
Rating: PG
Words: 911
Category: Gen with some strong friendship/debatably slashy elements
Summary: If at first you don't succeed, start over and try again.

reset )


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