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Title: Songs they have sung for a thousand years
Author: [personal profile] bironic
Characters: John, Ronon, Teyla, Rodney, OCs
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,100
Summary: Kopha-na and kopha-da: supporter and supported. The team joins an offworld performance one evening.
A/N: This story was born of picturing Sheppard as the lead dancer on a Greek TV segment, looking awkward yet slinky. Accordingly, I have stolen without shame from Greek folk dancing. Originally intended for the AMTDI challenge (aliens make them dance!) and now… very late for Amnesty 2010.


"In honor of our negotiations, tonight we will dance the balga." Kappas pointed to the growing group of men John had been watching; they were leaning on one another now to stretch. "The balga comes down to us through many generations, from a time when the Wraith lay dormant and our arts flourished. It celebrates those who have, and do, and will, fight against our oppressors. It is a dance of warriors and of brothers."

"Sounds great," John said. He wondered if there were more maybe-yak skewers.

Kappas stepped back and made a formal bow. "Colonel Sheppard of Atlantis. Specialist Dex of Sateda. As representatives of your people, we wish you to join us in the performance."

Read the story at my LJ or on the AO3.
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1,700 words - Gen - contains some profanity and mature themes - mentions cannon pairings, and the discerning eye may notice some UST here and there.

Ronon has to participate in an Alien ritual, but he's got other things on his mind.

right this way for the ritual... )


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