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-title- Keeping Up With the Joneses
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Gen. No warnings necessary that I can think of.
-timeframe- The first week in Atlantis.
-spoilers- Uh... "Rising"?
-characters- Teyla, Beckett, Biro, Heightmeyer, Ford, others
-notes- A bit of spackleness; this was supposed to be longer, but the next scene tied itself up in a knot, and so.
-disclaimer- Completely and utterly not mine, except perhaps for my conception of Ringspeech; Dr. Tatopoulos is ganked from Devlin and Emmerich's take on Godzilla, and deserved a better canon. ^_^
-word count- 818
-summary- Continuing one's education, to the best of my knowledge, includes continuing in one's own field as well.

I seem to start a lot of stories with people randomly wandering around... )
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-title- Born To Carry On: sister
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Gen. No warnings necessary that I can think of.
-timeframe- The first week in Atlantis.
-spoilers- Uh... "Rising"?
-characters- Teyla, Miko, Jinto
-notes- A bit of spackleness.
-disclaimer- Completely and utterly not mine, except perhaps for my conception of the Athosians. Oh, and Miko's nephew isn't mine either, he belongs to Aoyama Gosho.
-word count- 871
-summary- Jinto has a gift in mind, and goes after it.

With this many cultures in one place... )
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-title- The Ring of Winds
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Gen. Fusion.
-timeframe- Early in the second season.
-spoilers- Not particularly, not at this date.
-characters- Teyla, Ronon, Sheppard, Rodney, random offplanet locals
-disclaimer- The characters aren't mine; they belong to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, et cetera. The plot isn't mine; it was thought up over a hundred years ago by a man whose parents stuck him with the given names Lyman Frank.
-word count- 3318
-summary- Teyla begins one of the least credible of her post-mission reports.

Set to a possibly recognizable tale. )
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-title- Ex Machina (Redux)
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Gen. AU. Crossover, oh my yes. Variations in orthography to denote variations in understanding or meaning.
-timeframe- After "Sanctuary."
-spoilers- Well... more or less through "Progeny."
-characters- Teyla, Miko, an Ancient ^_^ and... others.
-disclaimer- Not mine. Completely and utterly not mine. Full disclaimer at end, so as to avoid spoilers.
-notes- This follows directly on the heels of the first part of Ex Machina. Part of my pet asymptotic-to-canon AU; there's also a slight reference to a bit of a fic I wrote called "Second String" (which would probably be much clearer if I'd gotten around to revising that last).
-word count- 10041
-summary- The further wanderings of Teyla and the helpful and enthusiastic Ancient (and knight-guardsman of Canada) that she met in the halls of Atlantis, and who they met upon them.

The story so far: Teyla has happened across an Ancient who apparently has become a citizen of Canada (!) and who has been... persuaded... to come to Atlantis and turn off, shut down, or warn for various things the Ancients really should have taken care of before they left; when she asked, he said that his pre-Ascension name was Glaucus. He is very thorough. )
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-title- Many Roads, One Destination: The Spunkiest Girl
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Nonstandard characterization; implied unpleasantness; implications of possible nonheterosexuality. Some more mature themes.
-timeframe- A. D. 1997.
-other fandoms- Stargate the movie, Lois & Clark, Thoughtcrimes
-spoilers- Er... for the second season of L&C, which anyone who knows enough to recognize most likely knows about anyway. And, well, for the Stargate movie, which most of you probably REALLY know about anyway.
-characters- Sheppard, Carter, movie-Daniel, Brendan Dean, others ^_^
-notes- I need another multicrossover AU like I need a hole in the head, so naturally I've written a pilot for one. Technically this is also a crossover with the newer series of The Tomorrow People, but from this part you really couldn't tell, so I didn't bother listing it up there.
-disclaimer- None of these are mine; all I did was put them together. Some aspects of the story were suggested by themes that have cropped up now and again in SGA fandom.
-word count- 1736
-summary- Sheppard wakes up after an experimental lifesaving treatment with a decidedly... odd... aftereffect or two.

Now I need to write up Rodney's and Ford's backstories in this universe. Great. )
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-title- Paradigmata ~ We Break Shit ~
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Occasional strong language (note the title); a digression into opera at one point; the Gatespeak hypothesis.
-timeframe- The first scene takes place between 2-05 "Condemned" and 2-06 "Trinity," and the last some time after 3-04 "Sateda."
-spoilers- Er... perhaps for "Runner" and "Trinity"? If they even still count as spoilers?
-characters- Ronon, his team, Elizabeth, Lorne, and cameos by Chuck and Zelenka.
-notes- This was rather heavily inspired by a show I've recently grown fond of, called Human Wrecking Balls. (I still want to see them break up a BMV branch.)
-disclaimer- You should all know by now whom SGA belongs to, and that I am not among them. Also referenced within are reasonably famous creations of Stephen J. Cannell, of Tôhô Studios, and of Wolfgang A. Mozart. (I'm not really sure who owns Human Wrecking Balls off the top of my head, or I'd credit them, too.)
-word count- 1787
-summary- Watching alien entertainment. Or entertainment from your homeland. It's all in how you look at it, really.

As is the interpretation thereof. )
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-title- Days of the Dead: The Third Day (Mineralium)
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Reference to canon pairings, including (or perhaps especially) Ronon/Melena. Implications, both of possible eventual pairings and of in-story speculation. Some crude physical humor. Spelling/orthographic variations denoting mishearings or misunderstandings. Noticeably part of my pet asymptotic-to-canon AU.
-timeframe- Shortly before "Aurora."
-spoilers- For "Sateda" and "Runner," obviously.
-characters- Ronon, Melena, Teyla, Miko, Sheppard, Elizabeth, Rodney, Lorne, a Heightmeyer cameo, and... others. ^_^
-notes- This is the third part of three, following this and this, and I'm not sure how much sense it would make on its own.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Also herein loosely referenced are characters and situations belonging to Disney, SquareEnix, Madeleine L'Engle, and Hagio Moto.
-word count- 5404
-summary- The first day is for letting go; the second for holding on; and the third for putting things in order, setting memories in their place and walking on with one's eyes forward.

The first day
The second day
and now: In which much is implied, less is said, and joy cometh in the morning. )
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-title- Five (Open) Secrets Brought From Earth To Atlantis
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Part of my pet asymptotic-to-canon AU. Some crossoveriness. Discussion of matter that may be disturbing.
-timeframe- From well before the show began to, oh, early in the fourth season.
-spoilers- Through the beginning of fourth season. Also for SG-1's "New Order" and Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Graduation Day."
-characters- Ford, Elizabeth, Jeanie, Sam, Sheppard, Holland, Rodney, Kavanagh, Teyla, cameos
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor are any of the other sources herein referenced; they belong to Joss Whedon et al., Raymond Chandler, Ten Thirteen Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, Dorothy L. Sayers, Joe Darion, Lee David Zlotoff et al., Manly Wade Wellman, and Gainax.
-word count- 4044
-summary- Pretty much what the title says. ^_^

To say nothing of the secrets they keep HIDDEN. )
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-title- Days of the Dead: The Second Day (Plantarum)
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Non-explicit het sex; reference to large difference in ages therein; some past Ronon/Melena. Spelling/orthographic variations denoting mishearings or misunderstandings. Part of my pet asymptotic-to-canon AU.
-timeframe- Shortly before "Aurora."
-spoilers- For "Sateda" and "Runner," obviously. And, in a way, for "Critical Mass."
-characters- Ronon, Miko, Rodney, Teyla, Charin, a few cameos, and my OC chaplain
-notes- I started this, obviously enough, for the last challenge. (Fortunately, it developed so as to fit this one as well.) It is a direct sequel to my entry in the last challenge, and I'm not sure how much sense it would make on its own.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor are any of the other sources herein referenced; they belong to David Shore et al., David Gerrold, Aoyama Gosho, Gordon Korman, Hasbro, Alan Alexander Milne, and Anita Loos. (Have I forgotten anyone?) Ensign Sa'id's story is very, very loosely based on one I heard as office gossip.
-word count- 7968
-summary- The first day is for letting go. The second day is for holding on. And for letting out anything that still festers.

In which everything and nothing is said, and nothing much is done )
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-title- Days of the Dead: The First Day (Animaliorum)
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Mostly gen; mention of past Ronon/Melena.
-timeframe- Shortly before "Aurora."
-spoilers- For "Sateda," obviously.
-characters- Ronon, Sheppard, Melena, OCs, a few cameos
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Feel free to borrow any of the OCs you like. One of Ronon's lines was inspired by Terry Pratchett.
-word count- 2558
-summary- Ronon had found out where the ritual room was in Atlantis well before the summer had begun.

The first day. )
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-title- Earthlier Happy; or, a Midsummer Night's Bad Trip, Act II
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- This was, originally, a Tale with Fairies in It, but has now become (if it weren't already) Crack. Crackity crack crack. This was originally going to be part of my long AU, but the Zophonisbeion evolved beyond it, so this is, well, an AU that splits off at the beginning of Season 2, mostly. Also, sex pollen herb.
-pairings- Lots. Canon het; Weir/Radim; Cadman/Brown; Kavanagh/Beckett; one or two spoilerfic het pairings; unrequited Weir/Zelenka; and Implications of all shapes, sizes, and flavors.
-spoilers- Through "McKay and Mrs. Miller." Also, through "The Pegasus Project" of Stargate: SG-1, to be safe.
-disclaimer- long disclaimer )
-word count- 8461
-summary- Elizabeth is getting married; Cadman wants to, and has run off to Proculus in order to force Atlantis's hand; (Daniel is married, and, moreover, in Atlantis;) Kavanagh and Sora are bitching; Janus and Morgan le Fey are spectacularly bitching; Sheppard and team want to get everything under control and their skit for the wedding rehearsed; and Chaya just wishes everything were happening in somebody else's back yard.

Also, there are any number of minor character guest stars. )
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-title- Face Afire
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Gen; mention of erotica.
-timeframe- Shortly after "Sanctuary."
-spoilers- I don't think this has any; it takes place right after another story of mine called "Secondary Source," but you shouldn't need to have read that one.
-characters- Grodin, Elizabeth, Heightmeyer, AR-1, Bates, etc.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Miko's brother Kenji and his idea of barter goods are, but hey, feel free.
-word count- 566
-summary- "Could maybe one of you ladies make sure Dr. Kusanagi hasn't become Atlantis's first case of spontaneous human combustion in millennia?"

Given that it's Atlantis, this might not be as silly a question as it turned out to be. )
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-title- Nine Springs
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings/ratings- Gen. Crossover with Shimpi no Sekai El-Hazard and most of Aoyama Gosho's works. Takes place in my pet asymptotic-to-canon AU.
-spoilers- Through third season, to be safe. Spoilers for... well, for somewhere in SG-1, but as it's something I learned through osmosis, I'm not sure where to judge it. Also, in case anyone cares, for the seventh OVA of El-Hazard, and for the first volumes of Meitantei Conan and Magic Kaito respectively. There are minor references to my Zophonisbeion stories "Miko and the Bears" and "The Sun Shines Bright On Every Stone."
-characters- Miko, OCs, two characters from El-Hazard, six from Meitantei Conan, two-and-a-half from Magic Kaito, and walk-on appearances from Rodney, Jinto, Wex, Sheppard, Teyla, and Terumi from "Watashi ni Uso o Tsuite."
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor is El-Hazard. If I were Aoyama, my pet MK threesome would be canon and at least somebody would have read Beatrice Gormley... i.e., not hardly. The idea of involving the Hope Diamond is from Ellen Brand ([livejournal.com profile] marsdejahthoris), who went on to do something utterly unique with it; "The world is large enough..." is from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and "As they have ever done" from J. R. R. Tolkien.
-word count- 6583
-summary- Miko, and background, and spackle.

Kusanagi Miko has always known how to keep her own counsel. She comes by it honestly. )
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-title- Born to Carry On: Tallit Ossaring
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Pre-industrial takes on age of consent and infant mortality. Not for those with hot buttons on either one. M/f sexual contact.
-timeframe- Preseries; set after an earlier story of mine, "Forever Young."
-spoilers- ...let us say through the end of the second season, to be safe (I don't think a name, devoid of context, should count as a spoiler).
-characters- Teyla, Halling, Charin, Jinto, Tagan, Sora, Kanaan, OCs
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. The attitudes of the Athosians should not be taken as ones shared by the author. The Responsibility was inspired by that in Diane Duane's Tale of the Five; I considered renaming it, but could not think of a better way to phrase it, and while I think it makes a great deal of sense applied to Pegasus, I did not wish to obscure my sources. The Athosian's pre-Trev-Xenios attitudes towards foreigners were inspired by a story by [livejournal.com profile] miriel whose title I have forgotten and whose plot I cannot; Geron's alk story was inspired by this and by Arlo Guthrie's When Mooses Go Walking (sic), which I heard him recite on NPR the other day. The title of this work is drawn from a song called "And When I Die" by Laura Nyro, excellently sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary.
-word count- 4950
-summary- "You have been saying," Teyla said firmly if a little bluntly, "that you would like to be a father now, when the peak of your energy is upon you. I, in my turn, would prefer to fulfill my Responsibility as soon as may be, that it not hang over my head."

I conceived what, in toto, would have been rather a long story; this first part consented to be completed in the alloted time. )
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-title- Mother's Dinner
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Discussion of organ meats, things that some people may feel do not belong at the dinner table, and perhaps of things that do not belong in meatloaf.
-timeframe- Between "Thirty-Eight Minutes" and "Suspicion."
-spoilers- I don't think this has any.
-characters- Teyla, Sheppard, Ford, Rodney, Carson, Elizabeth, Stackhouse
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. I take no responsibility for the nutritional value of any of the foods listed herein..
-word count- 792
-summary- With cultural interchange, there will be disjunction. Sometimes at mealtimes.

Well, it would make sense.... )
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-title- Guises in Four Seasons: Summer
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Some strong language. Takes place in my pet diverging-reality AU, where Sheppard isn't quite Sheppard. Does it ever. Part of a loose series; it shouldn't be necessary to read the other parts, but they're here, here, and here should one wish to do so.
-timeframe- About the end of second year.
-spoilers- Through the beginning of third year, just to be safe.
-characters- Sheppard, Ford
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor are any of the tales I have drawn on, although most of them are public domain by now. Certain turns of phrase are directly borrowed from C. S. Lewis, A. A. Milne, and E. Nesbit; another, more loosely, from Robert E. Howard.
-word count- 1408
-summary- Even for the most necessary of conversations, Sheppard still finds it easier to talk about something peripherally related to the subject. At least this time it isn't football.

And here at last is the set complete. )
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-title- Sequiviews
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Crack. Implied crossoverness. Metafictuality. Did I mention crack?
-timeframe- Fourth season sometime.
-spoilers- Beginning of the fourth season, I suppose; "The Tao of Rodney"; El-Hazard OAV episode 5, if anyone particularly cares about that.
-characters- Carter, AR-1, Radek Zelenka, Cadman, Miko, Simpson, Corrigan
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor are any of the other shows very very obviously referenced herein. (If anyone makes the one music video, though, let me see it?)
-word count- 1406
-summary- "It's an interreality VCD exchange," Dr. Corrigan began.

Well, they so WOULD. )
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-title- Second String; or, Loyauté me lie: a unified field theory of sheppard
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Mostly gen in plotline, with background het. Mentions of slash. Background crossoveriness. Strong language.
-timeframe- Late fourth season.
-spoilers- Up through "Outcast."
-characters- Sheppards original (in both senses of the word) and borrowed, various cameos.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine, but belongs to MGM. So do some of the other works referenced herein. I am not sure of the current owners of the others, but can name among their various creators L. Frank Baum, Walt Disney, Bob Kane, Ian Fleming, Manly Wade Wellman, Jim Henson, George Lucas, Glen Larson, Don Bellisario, and William Goldman. Other such works include Doctor Who, MacGyver, and He-Man. The "Would Tegan Kick My Ass?" test was inspired by WKKMA. Leslie Fish's song "Hope Eyrie" is quoted from, although my mental image was more of the Julia Ecklar cover.
-word count- 9365
-summary- The first time Dave heard of his brother was well before he ever met him.

Second String )
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-title- Ultimate Weapon
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Gen. Some religious themes. This was going to be part of my pet AU, but the Zophonisbeion has since evolved beyond it, so now it's a closer-to-canon AU influenced by my larger one.
-timeframe- Late second season.
-spoilers- General for the last two seasons of SG-1, maybe?
-characters- Sheppard, Elizabeth, OCs, guest appearance by Beckett
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor is the planet Magrathea, to which reference is at one point made -- that was the late great Douglas Adams. Nor, obviously, is the story in question, and I hope I have not treated it overly rudely.
-word count- 477
-summary- Sheppard has a bright idea. Elizabeth doesn't get it.

The expedition members from south and southeast Asia, on the other hand, not having grown up in Skinner Boxes... )
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-title- Secondary Source
-author- Sophonisba ([livejournal.com profile] saphanibaal)
-warnings- Gen. Some minor strong language. A number of literary/popular references, and a lot of talking heads.
-timeframe- Tag to "Sanctuary."
-spoilers- Effectually all of first season.
-characters- Teyla, Ford, Sheppard, Elizabeth, Corrigan, Miko, and a number of OCs.
-disclaimer- SGA, of course, is not mine. Nor is the rest of the Stargate franchise, for that matter. Nor is the game "Final Fantasy VII" or any worldbuilding elements thereof which may have been seized upon as intriguingly similar. Nor, of course, are any of the fictional creations to whom parallels are being drawn.
-word count- 2127
-summary- "Everything one is," when shared, consists of a large number of data; many of which have indefinable anthropological value.

This is, essentially, spackle. )


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