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Finally, finally closing the Wish Fulfillment Challenge: thanks to everyone who participated! You can read the 32 entries here or using the Wish Fulfillment tag.

New challenge coming right up.
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Title: Tomorrow On Stargate: Atlantis
Author: The Spike ([ profile] spike21)
Warning: This program contains scenes of violence, nudity and sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.
Summary: Ep 5x23: Distress

Sheppard and Carter interrogate the captured Trust agent, uncovering a conspiracy that may span two galaxies. Meanwhile, disturbing dreams of her son worry Teyla who fears that the IOA won't allow Atlantis to return to Pegasus, family trouble prompts Dr. Keller to make a decision that will seriously alter her relationship with McKay and, Ronon takes drastic tonsorial action to uphold a Satedan tradition.
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-title- Paradigmata ~ We Break Shit ~
-author- Sophonisba ([ profile] saphanibaal)
-ratings/warnings- Occasional strong language (note the title); a digression into opera at one point; the Gatespeak hypothesis.
-timeframe- The first scene takes place between 2-05 "Condemned" and 2-06 "Trinity," and the last some time after 3-04 "Sateda."
-spoilers- Er... perhaps for "Runner" and "Trinity"? If they even still count as spoilers?
-characters- Ronon, his team, Elizabeth, Lorne, and cameos by Chuck and Zelenka.
-notes- This was rather heavily inspired by a show I've recently grown fond of, called Human Wrecking Balls. (I still want to see them break up a BMV branch.)
-disclaimer- You should all know by now whom SGA belongs to, and that I am not among them. Also referenced within are reasonably famous creations of Stephen J. Cannell, of Tôhô Studios, and of Wolfgang A. Mozart. (I'm not really sure who owns Human Wrecking Balls off the top of my head, or I'd credit them, too.)
-word count- 1787
-summary- Watching alien entertainment. Or entertainment from your homeland. It's all in how you look at it, really.

As is the interpretation thereof. )
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Title: Next Offramp
Rating: PG, Gen
Characters: John, Rodney, Ronon, Teyla
SPoilers: Vegas
Summary: John is reluctant, Rodney doesn't get why and there's a road trip involved. Rodney POV. Vegas-verse - yes another one, but with Ronon and Teyla included. For all those who wanted to see Ronon and Teyla in this verse. Guess that would make this a team fic=D Huge thanks to my betas [ profile] wildcat88 and [ profile] reen212000 for helping me mend its many flaws.

Next Offramp )
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Pairing: McShep
Rating: Adult
Warning: Cross-dressing

This is my first fic in this comm and I noticed that this latest challenge wasn't closed yet. I hope I'm still under the wire!

Slip, he thinks. Slip of paper, slip of a girl, slip of the tongue, slip down the stairs. John slips it on. )
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[Sorry about the failed cut-tag, everyone.]

Title: when I came I was a stranger (2/2)
Author: Sarah T.
Rating: NC-17
Characters: John, Teyla, Rodney
Notes: A "Vegas" AU.  Thanks to the Spike for a Turkish-massage beta.  (~12K words.)
Summary: John is recruited. 

when I came I was a stranger )
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Title: when I came I was a stranger (1/2)
Author: Sarah T.
Rating: NC-17
Characters: John, Teyla, Rodney
Notes: A "Vegas" AU.  Thanks to the Spike for a Turkish-massage beta.  (~12K words.)
Summary: John is recruited. 

when I came I was a stranger )

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Title: Tonight On Stargate: Atlantis
Author: The Spike ([ profile] spike21)
Warning: This program contains scenes of violence, nudity and sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.
Summary: Ep 5x22: Uninvited

With the city fully operational at last, SGA-1 reluctantly shepherds a group of international diplomats around Atlantis with first comic, and then disastrous results, as Trust spies manage to infiltrate the control room. Ronon’s tentative relationship with Banks is threatened by memories of his past. Meanwhile Dr. Keller’s reunion with her family in Wisconsin is interrupted by a surprise visit from her estranged brother. Guest star: Christopher Meloni
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Title: John's Hair Issues
Author: [ profile] lilyleia78
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: Hard R
Summary: The happy little noises Rodney makes as John massages his scalp with slow thoroughness are utterly, intimately familiar
Notes: Written for [ profile] anatsuno who wanted a fic with John not liking head scritches, Rodney liking them, and sex at the end. Hope this works for you!

The first thing John notices as the early morning light washes over him... )
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Title: One of Those Days All Week
Author: [ profile] mad_maudlin
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Rodney, fifth season cast.
Spoilers: "The Hot Zone," "The Hive/Lost Boys," "The Shrine"
Summary: Rodney has a bad day. A very long, very bad day.

A/n: Okay, I know, normal people don't write three fics for the same challenge. I had a week off work, though, and not much else to do. [ profile] linziday, [ profile] astridv, and [ profile] less_star all wished for Rodney whump and exhaustion, so, vot eto. All research for this fic conducted at, where people alter their minds so you don't have to.

Hour 1: Wake up. )
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Title: Haven't To Deserve
Author: [ profile] mad_maudlin
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: "Rising," "Outcast" and "Enemy at the Gates," as well as the tenth season of SG-1.
Summary: Family is what you make of it.

A/N: For [ profile] scifi_lemon, who wished for "John is an Ancient" fic. I'm pretty sure this is not actually what you had in mind, but I made a valiant attempt. I gave John the same birthdate as the Flan, and went with the fanon that he's got a past connection to San Francisco…um, obviously. The title is the lesser-known half of line by Robert Frost. When it comes to research, Google is my friend; the NaNoWriMo boards are my friend with benefits.

Have a seat, Colonel, this isn't going to take but a moment. )
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Title: Like Pop Rocks on Your Tongue
Author: Mireille ([ profile] mireille719)
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG
Summary: Rodney's heart started pounding like his chest was about to explode, and he wondered for a second if thirteen was too young to be having a myocardial infarction.
Word Count: 1500
Disclaimer: They are definitely not mine.
Feedback/Concrit: Both welcome, either here or at mireille719 {at} gmail {dot} com
Notes: It's not even high school AU; it's junior high math-geek AU. Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] wesleysgirl for the beta, and to both her and [ profile] soft_princess for convincing me to post. This fits into the "guiltiest fiction pleasures" part of the challenge, obviously.

Like Pop Rocks on Your Tongue )
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Title: Ooook Ook EEEK Oo-ook, Or: The Necessity of not being an Orang-Utan
Author: [ profile] lavvyan
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack. Mountains of crack.
Notes: [ profile] anatsuno wanted "the story where Rodney's the Librarian from Discworld. going Ook! :D" - thanks go to [ profile] thisissirius for the quick beta.


Take one banana. )
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Title: Destiny

Author:[ profile] badwolf36

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,436

Characters: John, Todd, Rodney

Spoilers: Vegas---Set in the Vegas universe  

Summary: “Come inside. I’ll show you your destiny, John Sheppard.”

Prompt: From [personal profile] elementalv: "My secret dirty-wrong-bad pairing of choice is John/Todd. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Is it so strange that I wish I could see a post-canon treatment of their obsession with love for each other?"

(This may not have been exactly what you had in mind, but I hope it suits.)




It’s like a lingering echo in his mind, the words leaving a slippery, greasy feeling as he stares up at the unforgiving desert sky.  )


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Aces Over Eights
By: Sian 1359

For the SGA Flashfic Wish Fulfillment Challenge

Series: Vegas Verse #2 (follows Devil's In The House of the Rising Sun)
Rating: Everyone
Word Count: ~3,700
Pairing: None but you could squint
Genre: Episode Tag part 2; Drama; Pre-slash.  Is it AU if the canon episode is AU?

Spoilers: Vegas and anything earlier
Warnings: None

Notes:  To me this universe is much more rigid than the one we're used to seeing; certainly Rodney was much colder and harder.  And so I've created a background for why, plus I've altered things for when I play here in the future with other stories.
Credits:  The lyrics Rodney thinks about are from Donovan's Atlantis.  The summary is from on on-line site about Wild Bill Hickok.
Disclaimer:  Not mine and no offense is intended.

Summary: When Wild Bill lost his life at a Deadwood poker table he was holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights in his hand.  'Aces over eights' has since been known as the 'Dead Man's Hand.'


Aces Over Eights


Aces Over Eights )



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Title: Annoying Man
Author: danceswithgary
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1000
Archive: Fine, just let me know
Summary: The things one man has to put up with sometimes.

Annoying Man )
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Title: 654
Author: [ profile] elementalv
Rating: R
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Notes: Just shy of 1,200 words.
Spoilers: This is post-canon, so there are references to events in Enemy at the Gate.
Summary: Teldy has news, Sheppard has issues, and McKay might get his wish. In more or less that order.


654 )
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Title: First Star I See Tonight
Author: [ profile] leesa_perrie
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Characters: John, Rodney
Words: 1,064
Spoilers: First part is set after 'The Defiant One' in Season 1, second part just before 'Trinity' in Season 2.

Summary: He needed time to brood, to think, to second guess...

First Star I See Tonight )
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Title: This Week On Stargate: Atlantis
Author: The Spike
Warning: This program contains scenes of violence, nudity and sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.
Summary: Ep 5x21: Rendezvous

Trapped on Earth until repairs are completed on the flying city, John takes Ronon around to some of his old haunts in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Teyla and Woolsey plead their case for the return of Atlantis to Pegasus with the IOA. But when McKay and Zelenka discover that several Wraith scouts may have launched before the explosion of the hive ship, the Team must reunite to hunt down and eliminate the alien threat.

Friday, Jan 16, 2009 at 9/8 C
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Title: Wargames (Wish Fulfillment Challenge)
Author: [ profile] slybrarian
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Words: 450

Summary: In which Chuck makes a wish at the wrong time.



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